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Gastronomy and Wine Portal

WineFuture 2023 in Coimbra

Breaking Barriers: WineFuture 2023 in Coimbra – Uniting global wine visionaries and celebrating Portugal’s role


The event, WineFuture, brought together acclaimed professionals whose expertise spanned from the revolutionary wine tech companies in New Zealand to the esteemed top-recognized wineries in Argentina. Drinks+ and Wine Travel Awards were featured as official partners of Wine Future, and one of the WTA nominees had is special place at that event. Now a bit more details step by step. For three days, this event turned Portugal into a hub for wine discussions, highlighting its role in the global wine scene. Wine Future, already known for its significant impact, had its first meeting in Barcelona in 2006, focusing on climate change and wine. This 2023 gathering in Coimbra marked its fourth, memorable edition under the theme “Breaking Barriers”. The event, under the visionary leadership of Pancho Campo, the founder of the Wine Future and Green Wine Future summits, gained additional prestige with Wines of Portugal as a co-organizer. It was further elevated by the esteemed and adept leadership of its president, Frederico Falcao.