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WTA Guide Special Edition

Join 6 leading wine and tourism exhibitions with the WTA Guide Special Edition

11.01.2023, News

Today, when it seems that a new wave of the pandemic is approaching, we are once again convinced of how opportune the concept of the Wine Travel Awards (WTA) was. Hybrid advertising media and flexible marketing programs do not lose their relevance today. In particular, the WTA team announces the start of preparation of a special issue of an exclusive PR catalogue – the WTA Guide.

The WTA Guide Special Edition is a unique PR catalog which will be issued in March 2023 and distributed both in the digital and paper formats at:

It will be in our traditional style, and will include information about wineries and other interesting locations of several wine-producing countries. The WTA Guide Special Edition provides you with an opportunity to be introduced to the target audiences of the most powerful world’s exhibitions where participants will get a printed copy of the Guide. Visitors to ProWein and WST will also be able to scan a QR-code from the posters which will lead to the digital WTA Guide. The digital version will be available on the WTA, Drinks+ and our partners’ websites all year long. An example of a similar WTA Guide can be found on the ProWein website.

Besides, the WTA Guide Special Edition will become part of the email marketing campaign through our own databases of international wine and tourism professionals and operators to increase global awareness and attract new partners, distributors as well as tourist flows to your business or region.

The WTA Guide Special Edition – a special opportunity to take part in six strongest wine exhibitions at the beginning of 2023!

 To become part of the Guide, please contact us via contact@winetravelawards.com