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Prosecco DOC

New president of Prosecco DOC Consortium

17.06.2024, News

Giancarlo Guidolin, president of Cantina Viticoltori Ponte and member of the Consortium’s board since its inception, will lead the Prosecco DOC Consortium for the next three years.

The consortium released a statement announcing Giancarlo Guidolin as its new president. Senior Guidolin was appointed by unanimous decision. He will be supported in his responsible position by three vice-presidents: Alessandro Botter, Giangiacomo Gallarati Scotti Bonaldi and Mattia Mattiuzzo.

The key objectives of the Prosecco DOC Consortium are to ensure product quality, protect consumers and increase production by promoting and protecting the Prosecco appellation in Italy and worldwide. Today, Prosecco DOC is the best-selling sparkling wine in the world. In 2023, 616 million bottles of Prosecco were produced. Of them, 18.8% were consumed in Italy, and 81.2% were exported; the main sales markets are the USA, Great Britain, Germany and France.

“The main goal is to consolidate the results that have been achieved so far,” said Prosecco DOC president Giancarlo Guidolin.

Also, in his solemn speech, the new president expressed his gratitude to Stefano Zanette, his predecessor, stressing that today’s successes are the result of joint hard work: “We have shared the path that has led us to this day.  It’s all about hard work!″

Source: thedrinksbusiness.com, glassofbubbly.com
Photo: thedrinksbusiness.com