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Gastronomy and Wine Portal

WTA got accepted into the Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win incubator

10.01.2023, News

The new year brings exciting opportunities to the Wine Travel Awards project. The WTA is selected as a successful start-up for the new international program at the Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win incubator for 2023.

Our team is honored to join the unique place and prominent people that cherish valuable ideas and projects contributing to the development of the wine and wine tourism industry. Now we are part of a proactive environment which will help the WTA and its community grow and become stronger. So, congratulations to all of us – it is our common achievement! 

Bernard Magrez, CEO at Bernard Magrez Group, mastermind and founder of Bernard Magrez Start-Up Win, opens the doors of wine, vines, wine tourism and digitalization to the most promising start-ups in the sector. “Unlike many city centre incubators, the Relais du Château Pape Clément offers a serenity and proximity to nature and the vines that are essential to driving innovation in the sector. We see the progress made by early start-ups. We are going to strengthen our assistance to these entrepreneurs, in accordance with the Mission that I have given myself to Help the Other, Help Others,” says Mr. Magrez.

He also notes: “To remain a leader, it is essential to innovate… Supporting young start-ups today in order to reinvent the world of wine tomorrow is the continuity of this approach, and it is an exciting experience! Transmitting the keys to excellence to young entrepreneurs in order to help them succeed in life, teach them to hold on and never give up, it will also be a very strong moment.”

As a start-up at the Incubator, WTA gains access to its two locations – in Bordeaux and Strasbourg, benefits from the expertise of its experts and consultants, and enters the professional and innovative network. This year, we plan to participate in numerous insightful seminars, workshops, conferences and exhibitions organised and supported by Bernard Magrez. We aspire for interesting common projects and fruitful cooperation to promote the WTA and develop its community. Let’s not hide it – to be in the orbit of such a great personality as Bernard Magrez is an amazing gift of fate for our team’s own ambitions, as well as for all current and future WTA nominees!

The application process for the international program at the Incubator in Strasbourg is open. The BM Start-Up Win Strasbourg incubator will share the premises of the AIVA – Académie Internationale des Vins in Landersheim and join forces with the local incubation expert “Quest for change” to best support the new projects that will be selected.