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21.02.2023, News

Why the release of a new Ukrainian wine became a sensation. The D+ forecast.

A piece of loud news awaits the Ukrainian winemaking community in February 2023 – finally a pleasant one: a wine “BIG WINES BIG ART limited edition. Ivan Marchuk“. In fact, wine premieres in Ukraine happen with quite a lively frequency. But the very fact: the appearance of the Ukrainian wine under the Big Wines. Big Art brand has several diverse aspects that relate not only to quality and organoleptic characteristics. And this is what turns the news about the entry of another local wine into the Ukrainian market into a real sensation. But we will speak about everything in order.

Big Wines. Big Art – an ambitious Ukrainian wine production project under the umbrella brand of the world-famous company Vinos de La Luz, which has production facilities in Argentina, two DOs of Spain, Italy (Tuscany) and the USA (California). Three Vinos de La Luz Malbecs won platinum medals at the Decanter competition last year, which in itself sets a rapid vertical vector. And the fact that Big Wines. Big Art is a project managed by Nataliia Burlachenko, a well-known Ukrainian sommelier, wine journalist and Vinos de La Luz Ambassador, is a guarantee that it will have artistic content and creative talent. Nataliia is also a nominee for the Wine Travel Awards in the categories “Ambassador of the Year” and “The Brightest Journey”.

By the way, the premiere of “BIG ART limited edition. Ivan Marchuk” will take place at ProWine 2023, as part of the Ukrainian nominees’ wine tasting of the international innovative project in the field of wine tourism – the Wine Travel Awards.

Of course, the information power of the sensational news about the release of wine in Ukraine under the patronage of a well-known international group was added by the year-long war with russia: after all, today not every foreign investor would dare to take such a step.

But the head and owner of the Vinos de La Luz group of companies, Dr. Ricardo Núñez, has not only been doing business in Ukraine for many years. He also knows and loves the Ukrainian people and always believes in the prospects of Ukrainian wine. And today, Ricardo Núñez continues to demonstrate not only with his words, but also with his deeds his faith in the strength of Ukrainian winemakers, in the future of our country and in our Victory in the liberation war.


As evidenced by the name of the wine and the label with a reproduction of a painting by the world-renowned Ukrainian artist Ivan Marchuk, who works in his own unique technique “Weaving “, this is the first release that will bring to the world knowledge about artistic Ukraine and its geniuses. We may be wrong, of course, but knowing the philosophy and mission of the Vinos de La Luz, we assume that this will be a series – a powerful oenological collection dedicated to Ukrainian artists.

The first sample of BIG WINES – BIG ART was labeled by Ivan Marchuk’s magical realism painting “Awakening”. And indeed, even in the name of the wine there is magic: it is so relevant that it was given 30 years ago and is perceived today. By the way, the artist’s name was included in the rating of Top 100 living geniuses by The Daily Telegraph. And something suggests that the oenological personification of this work will sound in unison with the genius of the artist.

It is noteworthy that Big Wines. Big Art chose the flagship variety Odesa Black for its first-born – as the most expressive and potential for the glorious path assigned to it. According to Drinks+ reviewers, such a choice of a well-known brand can become an important contribution to the formation of the international reputation of the Ukrainian variety. We should also note that the favorable terroir of the south of Odesa was chosen for the premiere of Big Wines. Big Art, where the individuality, power and strength of the Odesa Black variety characters are best revealed. In addition, the 2020 vintage selected for the release has been rated by experts as one of the most outstanding, at least in the last decade.


All this, multiplied by the talent of the Vinos de La Luz winemakers and the taste of the educated sommelier Nataliia Burlachenko, allows us to predict that the new Ukrainian wine will have the same genetic code of quality as the products of the international brand.

And one more production detail: to create ВIG WINES BIG ART limited edition. Ivan Marchuk, not a powerful enterprise with refined experience of the bottling scheme, but a craft winery in Yasnohorodka was chosen. Last year in February this winery was damaged during the russian invasion. It is clear that for the perfectionism of Nataliia Burlachenko and Dr. Ricardo Núñez, that choice was perhaps a challenge. But for the Ukrainian winery, such a world-renowned partner is not just financial support, but also an investment in the image and marketing of a small but promising winery.

D+ columnist contacted Ms. Nataliia Burlachenko and she commented on the characteristics of the new Ukrainian wine: “The wine was aged for 12 months in oak barrels, thanks to which you can feel in the aroma characteristic notes of the variety: blackberries, black mulberries, white and black pepper, plums in chocolate, violets. The taste is balanced, rich, the present tannins are noticeable thanks to the light astringency and the duration of the aftertaste. It tastes best with baked or roasted red meat dishes, duck confit, grilled veal.”

So, the BIG WINES – BIG ART wine with Ivan Marchuk’s painting “Awakening” on the label, despite the limited release, will soon appear in Ukraine and on the world horizon. And there is no doubt that the artist’s “magical realism” will also affect the fate of wine: it will awaken not only a completely understandable demand and perhaps excitement among collectors and connoisseurs, but also a strong faith in themselves and in the land of all Ukrainian winemakers. Moreover, it will become a high bar both for the growing level of competition and the quality of Ukrainian wines. Time will pass, and others will wake up after the first swallow of investments in Ukrainian winemaking. We are only waiting for the Victory, for which we will raise glasses of Ukrainian BIG WINES!