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Гергелі Сольнокі та Рікардо Ф. Нуньєс

Gergely Szolnoki & Ricardo F. Nunez: warm support of Ukraine


WTA 2022-2023 award winner/ Wine & Food Influencer/Expert Opinion/ Gergely Szolnoki donated his prize to a charity fund in support of Ukraine.

This year in June, the winners of the Wine Travel Awards 2022-2023 were announced at award ceremonies in London and Tbilisi. During the following summer months, the WTA organizing committee sent the prizes and transferred the financial rewards to the winners.

Гергелі Сольнокі та Рікардо Ф. Нуньєс

One of the WTA 2022-2023 winners is a judge of the Wine Travel Awards, Professor of Market Research at Geisenheim University and honorary professor of Wine and Beverage Management & Marketing at the University of West Attica (Athens/Greece) Gergely Szolnoki expressed a desire to transfer his valuable prize (500 euros) to a charity fund in support of Ukraine.

Gergely Szolnoki & Ricardo F. Nunez

We would like to remind that Professor Szolnoki won the Wine & Food Influencer nomination, sponsored for the second year in a row by Dr. Ricardo F. Nunez, a well-known philanthropist and ardent defender of the interests of Ukraine, founder and owner of the international group of companies Vinos de La Luz, which unites wineries from Spain, Italy, Argentina, Ukraine and the USA. So Professor Szolnoki’s initiative turned out to be close in spirit to Ricardo Nunez. After all, Dr. Nunez not only supports talented media on an ongoing basis, but also those in Ukraine who need it the most today: the military and winemakers affected by aggression. However, as we have repeatedly observed, the owner of Vinos de La Luz performs his every charitable step in a certain progression.

Gergely Szolnoki & Ricardo F. Nunez

Therefore, this time was no exception: the reward of Gergely Szolnoki, which he wished to give to help Ukraine, was increased to 3,200 euros and sent to the non-governmental organization Unimos Corazones in Madrid, which deals with helping Ukraine and its war-affected citizens.

With this money, the defenders received food and drinks in innovative containers – self-heating cans, to make it possible to have a hot lunch in a matter of minutes under any conditions. This is a good idea and a very convenient format for the conditions in which soldiers or refugees find themselves today.

It is nice to realize that Ukraine is not alone in the fight against the aggressor. And the example of Gergely Szolnoki and Ricardo F. Nunez is another small illustration of the great deeds that lead Ukraine to Victory.