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Gastronomy and Wine Portal

Britt and Per Karlsson

Unleashing Ukraine’s Wine Tourism Potential with Britt and Per Karlsson


Britt and Per Karlsson, nominees and winners in various categories of the Wine Travel Awards and a renowned couple in the world of wine tourism, have recently embarked on a project focused on wine tourism in Ukraine. 

Impressed by the dedication of Ukrainian winemakers to their craft and the emerging interest in wine tourism, Britt and Per Karlson felt delighted and honoured when asked to deliver a series of presentations on developing wine tourism and establishing effective collaborations within the industry. 

Having dedicated over two decades to organizing wine tours professionally, the Karlssons have amassed a wealth of experience. Their journey began in 1986 with a wine tour to Bordeaux, initially undertaken with friends. Reflecting on their early encounters with renowned estates like Chateau Pétrus and Chateau d’Yquem, they acknowledged that times have changed. Today, the key element in wine tourism, they believe, lies in connecting with the right individuals at the wineries visited. This personalized touch has become one of the primary reasons people choose to travel with them.

Returning to their recent engagement in Ukraine, Britt and Per Karlsson conducted a four-session series of seminars covering a wide range of topics encompassing “everything about wine tourism.” The discussions included exploring the economic impact of wine tourism, motivations for wineries to engage in it, the various types of wine tourism, and the different profiles of wine tourists. They also delved into strategies for wineries to enhance the visitor experience and shared insights on marketing, collaboration, and overall development in both wine tourism and the wine business.

Their involvement in the project was part of a broader initiative supported by the United Nations and organized by the International Trade Centre, which has ties to the World Trade Organization. Additionally, the Swedish government provided partial financial backing.

Anticipating the day when they, along with wine enthusiasts worldwide, can discover the wines and wine regions of Ukraine firsthand, Britt and Per Karlsson invite others to join them on a potential future wine tour to Ukraine. Until then, they encouraged individuals to support Ukraine by enjoying Ukrainian wines – a simple yet meaningful gesture that can make a difference.