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Big Wines.Big Art

Big Wines.Big Art is awarded with the Grand Gold Medal at Cervim-Viticoltura Eroica

10.10.2023, Автор: Олександра Бантишева

International wine group Vinos de La Luz presented, at Cervim-Viticoltura Eroica, wines from four countries, including Ukrainian Big Wines.Big Art.

Cervim-Viticoltura Eroica is the only global wine event dedicated to wines produced in regions with heroic viticulture. The competition selects the best wines obtained as a result of extreme viticulture, with the aim of promoting and protecting the production of small wine-growing areas which are characterized by their history, tradition and uniqueness, are of great ecological and landscape value, and grow mainly local vines. The competition takes place under the patronage of OIV.

This year, the sponsor and nominee of the Wine Travel Awards, the international winemaking group Vinos de La Luz, headed by Ricardo F. Nunez, presented wines from four countries at Cervim-Viticoltura Eroica, including the Ukrainian Big Wines.Big Art. The Vinos de La Luz has production facilities in Argentina, in two DO of Spain, in Italy (Tuscany), USA (California) and Ukraine.

Big Wines.Big Art

The Grand Gold Medal at Cervim-Viticoltura Eroica was awarded to BIG WINES BIG ART limited edition wine. Ivan Marchuk 2020 Odesa Black. That was announced by Nataliia Burlachenko – the Vinos de La Luz ambassador, wine writer, head of Big Wines.Big Art., and Wine Travel Awards nominee, in the Ambassador and Wine & Food Influencer nominations, on her social network page.

Each bottle of Big Wines.Big Art has a serial number and is protected against counterfeiting. The label depicts the painting “Awakening” by Ivan Marchuk. The final decoration is a plaque in the form of a gold coin with the La Luz logo.

«Exactly! Ukrainian wine BIG WINES BIG ART limited edition. Ivan Marchuk 2020 Odesa Black! We sincerely rejoice at this achievement! We wish to thank Roberto Gaudio for holding the Heroic Wines Competition, which undoubtedly includes all wines of Ukraine. Thanks for the support to Victoria Agromakovа, who was the reason why I stayed awake for two nights, waiting for the results J and to Araik Manukyan, who immediately thought about us when it came down to heroic wines!», – wrote Nataliia Burlachenko.

The first gold medal was awarded to BIG WINES BIG ART limited edition wine. Ivan Marchuk at the prestigious international competition Mundus Vini-2023. The second gold was at the Berliner Wine Trophy-2023. And here is the Grand Gold Medal from Cervim-Viticoltura Eroica. We can proudly say that Ukrainian wines are getting better and better and we have something to show to the world.

Big Wines.Big Art

The other wines from Vinos de La Luz – Iluminado USA 2018, Peñafiel 2018, Callejón Single Vineyard Pampa el Cepillo 2020, received gold at Cervim-Viticoltura Eroica.

By the way, three Malbecs from Vinos de La Luz simultaneously won platinum medals at the Decanter competition last year.

We sincerely congratulate our old friends Dr. Ricardo F. Nunez and Nataliia Burlachenko, as well as everyone involved in the creation of this wine, with a new victory and are proud of the success of Ukrainian wine from the local variety Odessa Black.

Gold at Cervim-Viticoltura Eroica was won by the famous Ukrainian winery BIOLOGIST Craft Winery, for Traminer Orange 2021 and Merlot 2020.

“So let’s support our Ukrainian winemaking, let’s choose Ukrainian wine in supermarkets, wine boutiques and restaurants! The more we choose our own, spread it, tell everyone how wonderful our wine is, the greater the demand will be in Ukraine and beyond its borders!”, – comments Nataliia Burlachenko.

Photo: facebook.com