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Winners of Wine Travel Awards

Winners of Wine Travel Awards at Warsaw Wine Experience

27.10.2023, News

On 22–23 October 2023, the Warsaw Wine Experiencean international wine exhibition, which also included events from the Wine Travel Awards, took place in Warsaw (Poland).

The Warsaw Wine Experience, the most prestigious premium wine trade fair in Poland, brings together both consumers and business representatives and includes a variety of seminars, workshops and masterclasses. The Wine Travel Awards presented several events at the exhibition, which are worth mentioning in more detail.

Author’s Presentation of SHUMI Winery

SHUMI Winery is one of the most internationally renowned wine tourism complexes in Georgia. The word «SHUMI», translated from the ancient Georgian language, means «the best wine» (which means «real, pure, without impurities»), which is quite symbolic.

Founded in 2001, SHUMI Winery is a leading producer of high-quality Georgian wines. This complex is located in the famous Tsinandali village in the Kakheti wine region. The winery’s logo in the form of a griffin refers to a creature from Georgian mythology. According to legend, it was the griffin that brought people the first bunch of grapes, and from these grapes people began to grow vines on the ground.

Winners of Wine Travel Awards

Although SHUMI Winery is known for its distinctive Kakhetian style, they work to attract visitors from all over the world with an impressive vineyard collection of over 400 local varieties, as well as a museum of ancient wine artefacts.

In 2022-2023 SHUMI Winery received several WTA awards: The Visiting Card of the Country: The Visiting Card of the Country – Must Visit, Progressive Approach, та Art & History object, thus gaining recognition in three categories.

In 2023, the winery took part in the Mundus Vini Summer Tasting competition, where it received seven gold awards in the Best Producer in Georgia category.

SHUMI Winery

During the Warsaw Wine Experience events, the author’s tasting of unique samples of Georgian winemaking was conducted by Salome Lomsadze, Commercial Director of SHUMI Winery and a representative of the SHUMI family of winemakers.

Winners of Wine Travel Awards

The presentation took place at the Hotel Nobu in Warsaw and was accompanied by a tasting of the best wines from SHUMI Winery:

  • Tsinandali Iberiuli 2022 (white dry)
  • Mukuzani 2022 (red dry)
  • Saperavi Qvevri Iberiuli 2021, Gold Mundus Vini 2023 (red dry)
  • Iberiuli Kisi Qvevri 2020
  • ZIGU (a legendary drink that combines the flavours of grape juice, wine, chacha and wine brandy, and the aroma is enriched with the scents of highland herbs)

Vinos de La Luz Wines in Warsaw

The team of WTA had a successful two days presenting well known wineries SHUMI Winery and Vinos de La Luz at the Warsaw Wine Experience that just finished in Poland.

A great surprise and support for us was the presence of Dr. Ricardo F. Nunez, the sponsor of the Wine&Food Influencers nomination, the permanent member of the WTA judging commiеttee at the WTA stand during the firts day of the Warsaw Wine Experience.

Winners of Wine Travel Awards

This is important news, as Dr. Ricardo F. Nunez is an active player not only in the international but also in the Ukrainian wine market. He recently opened a new production facility in Ukraine – Big Wines, under the umbrella brand Vinos de La Luz, setting up its own production at a winery near Bohuslav in the Kyiv region.

Vinos de La Luz has its own wineries around the world: California, Spain, Argentina, Italy and Ukraine. The first Vinos de La Luz winery in Ukraine was opened in Odesa. Its premiere product is Big Wines Big Art limited edition. Ivan Marchuk 2020 Odesa Black has won many awards from renowned global competitions: Mundus Vini-2023, Berliner Wine Trophy-2023 and Cervim-Viticoltura Eroica-2023.

Winners of Wine Travel Awards

The following wines from Vinos de La Luz were presented at the Wine Travel Awards stand:

  • Callejon del Crimen Single Vineyard Gualtallary Malbec 2018
  • Cinema Paraiso, Sangiovese 2018
  • Valpincia Roble, Ribera del Duero
  • Valcerracin, Rueda Verdejo 2022
  • Big Wines Big Art limited edition. Ivan Marchuk 2020 Odesa Black

We are very excited to share the news about the wine-tasting of the new wine from the Ukrainian branch of Vinos de La Luz group of companies Big Wines – Big Wines. Big Art limited edition. Ivan Marchuk 2020 Odesa Black by Robert Joseph, who is one of our honourable judges at the Wine Travel Awards project. Robert Joseph commented the nose of wine as full of fresh fruits of dark berries and red berries, with oak. The taste is well balanced, complex, long and the wine is really good.

Big Wines. Big Art limited edition. Ivan Marchuk 2020 Odesa Black was highly rated by well-known wine critics and only proved once more the Grand Gold Medal at Cervim-Viticoltura Eroica-2023.

In 2022, Vinos de La Luz became the only winery in the world to be awarded three platinum medals from the DECANTER WORLD WINE AWARDS.